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"Turned to Light" is a dance film about unrequited love between two women.
Turned to Light was featured at the International Queer and Migrant Film Festival in Amsterdam, the Košice International Monthly Film Festival, the Rethink Dance Film Festival, the Prague International Monthly Film Festival and the Lesflicks Film Festival, among others.
Dancers: Elodie van Heek & Gemma Rijnders, Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Luke Naylor-Perrott, Choreographer/Producer/Designer: Natalia Hussein, Music: Jay Richardson, Director of Photography/Camera: Katy Barnard, Assistant Director/Producer/Camera/Lighting/Set: Lottie Tucker, Script Supervisor/Producer: Jonathan Wulff
"Plant-Based Cheese from Nuts to Beans" is a crowdfunding campaign video for a vegan start-up.
Director/Camera/Editor: Katy Barnard, Producers: Tim Keijzer & Rosie Butler, Featuring: Brad Vanstone
"Making Plant-Based Cheese Fondue" is a behind-the-scenes marketing video for a vegan start-up.
Director/Camera/Editor: Katy Barnard, Producer: Rosie Butler, Featuring: Brad Vanstone
"Slow Burn" is a short film of a girl's experience on a dating app.
Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Luke Naylor-Perrott, Assistant Director/Camera/Lighting: Lottie Tucker, Camera: Katy Barnard, Actress: Angel Jutand, Voiceover: Kara Jobe
"Where I Am" is a music video about being present and enjoying the simplicities of life.
Director/Camera/Editor/Music: Katy Barnard, Featuring: Rachel Showalter
"Sunrise on a Lockdown Morning" is a visualization about being stuck inside during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Camera/Editor/Music: Katy Barnard
Coming soon!
"We Are Family" is a short artistic documentary-style film about queer families.
Director: Cintia Taylor, DP/Camera: Katy Barnard

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